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July 7th 1960 – Darrell and Gertrude Todd and Family from Brooksville opened Coney Island Drive – Inn in an old boat manufacturing building.

1961 – Elvis Presley was in Inverness, Florida filming a movie and legend has it he ventured down to Brooksvegas for one of the Famous Footlongs.

1968 – Fred Rice was brought on board and was the master hot dog slinger until 1992 and legend has it that he still keeps an eye on the place.

1971 – Coney Island Drive Inn was purchased by Ralph and Gene Collins.

1972 – The movie Death Dream was filmed in Coney Island for a day and was the highlight of the movie.

Mid Seventies – In the Mid 1970's, Walt Disney World was the only other institution that used more footlong Hotdog buns in the state than Coney Island Drive – Inn.

Mid Seventies - Diggity Dog was born into the Family and has been the Brooksville Icon since.

1985 – Tom Collins, son of Ralph and Gene Collins, purchased the family business with Daughter Daiquiri and keep the Brooksville Tradition going into the 21rst century.

2006 – The Hensley Family purchased the Drive – Inn and an old tradition was kept in place.

2014 – May 5th Sally Lee purchases Coney Island Drive-Inn with her son Carter Lee. They bring on Dad (John Lee) to help.

2020-Feb Crystal River (our 1st licensed location opens)

2021-Dec Our Wildwood location opens near The Villages

(now Florida's Friendliest Footlong Slingers are in town)

2023-Feb Bushnell location  

2023 Largo Fl 

2024-Eustis Fl